It’s always been a goal of mine to create a digital gallery for the Meet Me in the Bathroom community, a place where those drawn to this world can go to support work made by the artists who lived in it. All the change we experienced  – 9/11, the rise of the internet, the Iraq War – feels like a prelude, now, to whatever we’ll be stepping into once we’re allowed to leave our houses again, and, hopefully meet up with each other at rock shows in small clubs across the country. It’s in service of that future that we’re launching MMITBGallery.com, which directly supports musicians and artists whose livelihoods have all but disappeared this year, as well as donating a portion of proceeds to #SaveOurStages. For now, we're expressing solidarity with each other by staying home and baking cookies. (I've become an iced gingerbread master). But there will be rock shows and late nights and and whiskey drinking and the joy of beneficent misbehavior once again. Gathering these amazing artists' works is, for now, our way of staying connected to that sense of wildness. 

- Lizzy Goodman