Nanci Sarrouf

Nanci Sarrouf went to the school of visual arts in Manhattan in 2000 and got a BFA in photography. Working at Visionaire she had a reoccurring page in V magazine showcasing the NYC nightlife and local musicians. Promoting clubs and throwing parties in the downtown scene led to her getting early shots of bands like The Strokes, Interpol, the Rapture and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In 2002-2003 she moved to London & started shooting live shows & backstage for NME. Becoming friends with The Libertines, she lived at The Albion Rooms on Teesdale st. Her close relationships with the bands has led to intimate & behind the scenes/real life photographs of the musicians from that era. 

She now lives in Los Angeles and continues to photograph/document her everyday life.  Her extensive collection/archive of photographs, videos & memorabilia from the MMITB generation has been unseen for some time & is finally starting to emerge.