Luke Jenner

Luke Jenner was born in a quiet fishing 🎣 village called San Diego.  His dad moved him and his young mother to Hawaii when he was six where he grew up freckled and tan on a white sand beach 🏝 while his father surfed a lot and taught university.  Taking in a lot of baseball ⚾️ games at the school his mom was always in the background teaching art to the bad kids who would sometimes come by the house.  When the marriage was on the verge of breaking up the family moved back to San Diego which seemed like a barren and cold waste land compared to the rainbow 🌈 filled reality of Oahu. It is there Luke continued to learn art by being around it every day.  His mom also continued her quiet 🤫 pursuit of her own art life.  Making big abstract oil paintings in the garage about her own dysfunctional childhood.  Sally’s  mom had taken her own life and reminded the young Luke that she too may also one day take her own life.  Luke escaped to San Francisco to start the band The Rapture with his childhood friend Vito because he had a lot of songs and lots of stories to tell.  It wasn’t until his mom eventually did take her own life that he felt free enough to begin painting.  Using it as a form of healing power and forgiveness.  A way to contact the spirits of his crossed over mom.  This work maintains a connection to love ❤️ and Luke hears his mother’s voice coming through to him every time he picks up a brush or a pencil ✏️.